SurvBoards are cutting boards and serving trays inspired by the surfing culture. They are handmade by Pete Moore Woodworking in the heart of the Central Coast of California. SurvBoards is a mixture of two passions. I started surfing in Ventura in 1964 and have surfed ever since. My other love has been woodworking, which I’ve enjoyed since 2000.

I have always thought the shape of a surfboard as beautiful art. SurvBoards are my interpretation of that art in spectacular hardwoods. The three basic surfboard style shapes are Turn of the Century Hawaii, The Shape of 1960 and The Shortboard Era.


SurvBoards come in different configurations. You can choose from the traditional square or rectangular boards, to the most unique board which is shaped like a surfboard using end grain wood. End grain is the preferred way to build high end cutting boards and the preference of chefs. They are more durable or self-repairing and do not dull your knives; however, they require approximately 3 times more labor than other construction. All SurvBoards are made with food-safe Titebond III™ glue and finished with an FDA-approved mineral oil/beeswax blend. Shipping included in continental U.S.

C Street 1964
23 x 8 x 1¼
End Grain
Sandspit 1972
19 x 8½ x 1¼
Face Grain. Cherry, Walnut, Maple. Serving Tray, ½” recess throughout.
Pizza Shovel
25 x 13 x ¾
Face Grain. White Oak, Hickory, Bubinga
Pizza Paddle
28 x 14 x ¾
Hickory, Walnut, Purple Heart
Walnut Table
25 x 21 x 18 tall
Incredibly deep, translucent tones in this Walnut Burl. Durable outdoor finish, perfect for patio or living room Bare metal hairpin legs.
Walnut Table detail
25 x 21 x 18 tall

Care and Feeding

With minimal care, your SurvBoard can last for generations. End Grain SurvBoards are shipped with a 2 oz. bottle of Howards™ Cutting Board Conditioner. Proper care with any cutting board begins by letting it acclimate to its new environment for a few days. Then wipe on a thin layer of Howards or mineral oil, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it off. Now it is ready to use. From now on, simply wipe off the cutting board after use and apply an occasional coat of oil.